My path to yoga was, by no means, an easy one. After years of struggling with addiction, I had finally ended up in LA county jail kicking a bad heroin habit. Spending a year behind bars gave me a lot of time to contemplate a life without drugs and crime. When I got out and began searching for something greater, it was yoga that helped me find what I was looking for. After finishing my graduate education at UCLA, I took a yoga teacher training to reward myself for a job well done and to deepen my practice. In no way, did I think that a career teaching yoga would ever be in the cards for me…

Fifteen years later, I have found that many people resonate with my journey and perspective on yoga. With over a decade of teaching and helping people find their practice, I am confident that the twists and turns that landed me here were perfect. The challenges that I walked through have given me the tools that I need to lead a life of purpose. For me, being a teacher means being an example. I don’t pretend to have perfected anything, but I continue to make progress in my life and I extend that into the yoga room every day. My teaching is a reflection of how far I’ve come, the life I lead, and the ideals that I continue to strive toward. Through yoga, many of my dreams have come true and I am lucky to have a wonderful community of family, friends and students to share it with! Huge respect to all of my teachers along the way... Vinnie, Govindas, Bryan and many more.

Connect with me through social media or come find me bodysurfing at the beach, playing at the park with my son or practicing yoga at a studio in Santa Monica.